Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad


About & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

  • At Madrasah MDWI, the central focus is the total development of the child as a human being. We are committed to delivering quality Islamic education to our present and future generations embedded with sound Islamic values within a challenging environment.
  • At Madrasah MDWI, we endeavour to instil Islamic beliefs in the hearts of our students in the light of the Quran and Sunnah

Mission Statement

Our teachers fully recognise the central role that Islamic education plays in the development of our children.

Our mission statement, therefore, is to:

  • Teach our students the principles and practices of Islam
  • Provide quality education
  • Ensure a safe educational environment
  • Inculcate love for Deen within our children
  • Work towards an Islamic ethos in the general atmosphere of the Madrasah
  • Nurture the students with the correct Islamic Akhlaaq


Our Madrasah provides Islamic education from the Hanafi Madhab for children between the ages of 5 – 12+ in subjects including Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies (Seerah, Aqaid, Fiqh, Tareekh), Duas and much more. The syllabus comprises Islamic morals, and British values empowering the current and the upcoming generation to integrate and engage within the modern society. We also operate a Hifz-Quran class at our Madrasah for boys who wish to memorise the Holy Quran and an Aalimah class for girls. We are continuously trying to develop our Madrasah and syllabus in order to provide the best Islamic education possible for our children.      

Madrasah Structure

Markaz-Ud-DawatWalIrshad(Plashet Grove Masjid) is a registered charity run by a Board of Trustees.

  • The Trustees have entrusted Moulana Maaz Patel who is currently one of the serving Imams with the responsibility of operating the Madrasah in the capacity of a Head Teacher.
  • A Madrasah Committee which consists of volunteers is also in place to assist the Head Teacher in operating the Madrasah on a daily basis. 
  • The Madrasah reserves the right to update and make changes to the policy if and when required. 
  • The Head Teacher will notify all staff of any updates and changes to the policy.
  • The Head Teacher will be responsible for the progress and education of students. 

Class Structure

The Madrasah operates a class system, which means that the child will progress with the rest of the class and sometimes in groups. If a pupil is absent for some time, then he/she will join the class wherever the class has progressed and he/she will have to make up the missed lessons on his/her own time. Therefore it is vital that attendance is maintained to a high standard, to avoid students being left behind. On top, we run the following classes:

  • Hifz Class: Hifz class takes place in two sessions daily between the hours 0600-0700 am, and 1700-1930 in the evening. If your child is in Hifz Class it is mandatory to attend both sessions.
  • Tayibaat Classes: Tayibaat Classes currently take place between Monday-Friday between the hours of 1700-2030. All Tayibaats are also required to attend one Saturday a month as part of their curriculum. 
  • FE Class: FE classes currently take place between four days a week between 1800- 2000.
  • Assignment of Teachers: Please note that the assignment of teachers will be done according to class or the Head Teacher and not the personal choice or preference of the parents/guardians or the teachers themselves.
  • Booster Class: Booster classes take place Monday – Friday between 1815 and 1915.
  • Weekend Class: Weekend classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Markaz-Ud-DawaatWal Irshaad will ensure that any data you provide will only be used for administration purposes and will not be passed on to third parties unless required by law.

Complaints Procedure

Any complaints regarding any part or procedure of the Madrasah should first be addressed to the office. This can be done either verbally, in person or in writing via email or letter format. If you feel your complaint was not dealt with efficiently then please write to the Madrasah Committee, who will be more than happy to review your grievances or concerns. The complaint should be referred to the Trustees as a last resort.