Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad



Markaz Ud Dawat Walirshad also known as Plashet Grove Masjid was established on 23rd December 1986, through the commendable efforts of the Late Haji Vali Adam Patel. May Allah increase the Noor in his grave. (Ameen).


Markaz Ud Dawat Walirshad also known as Plashet Grove Masjid was established on 23rd December 1986, through the commendable efforts of the Late Haji Vali Adam Patel. May Allah increase the Noor in his grave. (Ameen).

Before the inception of this masjid, residents of Newham had a handful of Masjids to attend and these were proving to be very short on space and facilities. In fact residents were performing their five times daily salaah in a small shop next door to a chip shop on Katherine Rd.

Through his efforts, the daily congregational prayers was a great success and over some time the muslim population increased in the area and more and more Musallees attended this small shop. This resulted in the need of a new and bigger place to accommodate everyone and to provide additional and better facilities.

He did not rest until a solution was found and once again Late Haji Vali Adam Patel came through for the residents and with the additional help of Late Ismail Jeeva and Late Dawood Ali ( May Allah increase the light in their graves also) Markaz Ud Dawat Walirshad was founded and a bicycle shop was purchased on Plashet Grove through fundraising and generous donations from locals and from across the country. They worked tirelessly to raise money to purchase this building and this is where the masjid stands today.

Over the coming years, amenities like hot water and heating was provided to worshippers and a Madrassah was established for the Islamic education of the children which was well needed in the community. A few years along and as the numbers of worshippers increased, so did the need for more space and so through the generous donations of locals, the next door property was purchased which had a large warehouse which this changed everything.

Now that the capacity had increased, more and more muslims were moving into Newham where the five times Salaah and Islamic Education for children was firmly established.

Our founders did not stop there and they sought funding from individuals on local, national and international level to completely transform these 2 buildings to a purpose built masjid in 1995, complete with sound systems, air conditioning, Musallah carpets purpose built wudhu facilities even Ghusl facilities for the deceased. Their tireless efforts for the community had no limits and Alhamdu’Lillah they succeeded with this vision.

The next decade showed a sharp rise in muslim population accross Newham and as previous events dictated, the need to increase capacity was apparent and the Trustees responsible at that time had bought the next door property in 2005 and put it on rent to establish income for the masjid but more importantly, should the need arise for expansion, the property would be readily available.

Sure enough, the time came for expansion and in 2009, work commenced in attaching the new building to the existing building and making it a new purpose built masjid with great capacity. In fact Markaz Ud Dawat Walirshad was voted Greenest Masjid in Europe at the time due to having installed Solar Energy capacity for both hot water and electricity and countless energy saving measures like sensor taps and light. During this time salaah and education facilities were distributed between a few local buildings nearby. In 2011 the new Masjid was opened again on the Day of Jummah and this is the purpose built building we have all come to know as our masjid today.



Our sole purpose is to serve the local community where muslims can find a focal point to carry out their Islamic duties and develop their Islamic knowledge both for themselves and their children.

Our vision is to develop the Masjid into being the focal point for muslims, other faith communities and the wider community to learn, develop and practise the beautiful religion of Islam.

We aim to provide services such as counselling, Islamic Marriage, adult learning courses and womens programmes and courses to address the challenges of the current times and much much more as we enter the 22nd Century

We humbly request your Duas that Allah Taa’la guides us in our quest to achieve our aims.