Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad


Uniform, Hygiene, and Valuables Policy

Personal Appearance

At Markaz ud Dawat Wal Irshad, we believe that it is a vital part of a child’s education to learn to present him or herself publicly, neatly and appropriately, especially in a religious environment such as a Masjid or a lesson where the Quran and Sunnah are taught. 

Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam has mentioned: Cleanliness is half of one’s faith [Sahih Muslim]. This further outlines the need for students to present themselves in clean garments and take care of personal hygiene. Furthermore, a uniform code and appearance also impact a student’s mindset, performance, and confidence, proven correct over many years of experience. 

The wearing of a specific uniform indicates the importance of dignity and decorum in personal appearance, acceptance of shared goals and support for the values our Madrasah seeks to achieve. 

The high standards of appearance we expect will positively impact the standing of the Madrasah within the wider community. The Madrasah dress code is the institution’s external identity that links pupils to Madrasah and represents the core values we stand for. On this basis, members of the public will judge the Madrasah and its pupils by the quality of what they see outwardly. Therefore, pupils must also be mindful of adhering to the dress code to and from Madrasah. 

We have published the dress code and guidelines below. We hope this will assist your child conform to this policy. We humbly request your full support and cooperation by being aware of the uniform rules, ensuring appropriate clothing is obtained and utilised for Madrasah. Please encourage your son/daughter in implementing and respect the dress code so we can ensure your child continues to enjoy undisrupted learning at the Madrasah. 

Madrasah Dress Code

All pupils must follow the dress code of the Madrasah. The guidance teaches us to cover ourselves with modesty and haya (shyness). The dress code needs to be observed whilst in Madrasah and coming to and going from Madrasah. Parents are encouraged to ensure children have two sets of uniforms to allow for washing.

For all Boys attending the Madrasah: 

  • Must wear a white Jubbah/ Thobe/ or Qamees (full-sleeved, covering the knees but no longer than the ankles) with white/ light grey trousers (above the ankles)
  • All boys should wear a white Topi (religious hat) on their head.
  • Any haircut should be according to the Madrasah policy (same size all over) [See Below].

For girls attending the Madrasah: 

  • Must wear a plain black Burkha (long hijab-scarf), covering the chest, neck, and hair.
  • Must wear a plain black Jubbah/Abayah (extending below the ankles). The Abaya must be loose-fitting and not expose any awrah/satr, and the clothing must not be transparent, and hijab styles/pleats are not permitted.
  • No student should have makeup, lip gloss or nail polish during Madrasah.
  • No colours/embroidery on the Burkha or Abaya should be visible.

General Rules

  • No jeans or shorts or tight clothing allowed.
  • No clothing with any pictures or large slogans to be worn
  • Ensure socks and undergarments are changed after school.
  • Students must not wear any outdoor clothing (coats, jackets, scarves, gloves etc.) during class. Pupils may wear jumpers or tops (without a hood) in winter.
  • No student is permitted to wear or possess any jewellery on Madrasah premises.

Sanction: Any Pupil who arrives at Madrasah incorrectly dressed will be sent home to attend with the correct uniform.

Ensure your child takes a bath and looks after physical hygiene regularly. As Muslims, it will be a massive embarrassment if we are placed in a difficult position to inform parents regarding the local councils safeguarding rules when it is primarily a responsibility we must fulfil for Allah Ta’ala and follow the sunnah of Nabi (SAW). If there is a medical condition, then please inform the Madrasah beforehand.


Haircut/ styles must conform to the Madrasah policy. All haircuts must have equal hair length on all sides. Therefore, adopting a haircut/style with different levels/numbers, lines or half-shaved or short back and sides with longer hair on top is against the Madrasah policy. Trimming or shaving of the beard is also not allowed for mature students.

Sanction: If your child attends Madrasah with an inappropriate haircut/style, we will inform you of this, and the Madrasah will grant a seven day grace period to rectify this. (Hifz class policy may differ from this current rule.)

Failure to address the issue or repeated contravention of this policy will result in the Madrasah taking disciplinary action, including internal or external suspension of your child or expulsion.

The Madrasah reserves the right to judge the suitability of haircuts/ styles.

Madrasah Bags

One of the etiquettes of carrying Islamic literature is to hold it respectably – in particular, the Holy Qur’an, which must be held firmly/closely to the chest and kept in an appropriate case or cover. We have Madrasah bags with the Madrasah logo available to purchase from the office to encourage this practice. These are priced at £4.50 (large madrasah bag).

Hygiene Policy

In the interests of health & safety, it is unreasonable for our staff to be expected to change a child who soils wets himself or vomits in Madrasah. In such incidents, Admin may contact parents/guardians to clean the carpet area. (staff will not be obliged to carry this out). The parent/guardian must take the child home to clean and change clothes as soon as possible. 

Should the Madrasah feel there is an ongoing issue with a child’s hygiene/soiling, to protect the health and safety of the other children, we may stop your child from attending Madrasah unless management decides another solution.

All pupils must be prepared from home; They should use the toilet and perform wudu before attending the Madrasah to avoid disrupting lessons and unnecessary wastage of Madrasah time. Please notify the class teacher if your child has toileting/medical issues.

The Madrasah has policies to improve/ maintain the institution’s standard. Grievances have been raised previously regarding these policies; however, these are necessary to protect the best interest of the Madrasah, its teachers and pupils. Therefore, parents/guardians are requested to fully support the Madrasah in adhering to its policies and rules.

Electronic Devices and Valuables Policy

Students are prohibited from using any electronic devices to make calls, messages, take photographs, record video/audio, access the internet, and gaming in Madrasah premises. The items include mobile phones, laptops, tablets, ipads, smartwatches or others.

Sanction: The Madrasah will confiscate these items if found in possession of pupils during Madrasah time and will only be returned when parents/guardians attend. A warning will be issued. Furthermore, a repeated failure to adhere to this policy may result in the suspension of the pupil concerned.

If required by a student for emergency communication purposes, they are to be switched off before entering the Madrasah and kept safely by the class teacher or office.

Possession of valuable items such as jewellery, expensive watches, electronic games, or any other device is strictly prohibited in the Madrasah. The Madrasah cannot take responsibility for any lost items.

Sanction: If such items are found in possession of a child, they will be confiscated for security and safety reasons and handed into the office. After that, the Headteacher will only return it to the Parent/Guardian. If pupils persist, the items will not be returned until the end of the year.


  • Any dangerous item such as pen-knives, knives, cigarettes, matches, cigarette lighters, vapes or lasers found in the child’s possession will be confiscated by the teacher and not returned. A meeting with parents will be held consequently. 
  • No non islamic Magazines, fictional or non-fictional books are allowed on the premises. 
  • No food or drink (including flavoured water and chewing gum) is permitted in Madrasah. If any such item is found, it will be taken away, and the child will face disciplinary procedures. 
  • Children will be allowed to bring water bottles from home. However, they should avoid constantly taking out their bottles in class, and they will not be allowed to refill their water bottles in the Masjid.
  • For investigational and operational purposes, the Madrasah reserves the right to check the student’s bags, coats without any prior warning.