Markaz Ud Dawat Wal Irshad

Uniform, Hygiene, and Valuables Policy

Personal Appearance At Markaz ud Dawat Wal Irshad, we believe that it is a vital part of a child’s education to learn to present him or herself publicly, neatly and appropriately, especially in a religious environment such as a Masjid or a lesson where the Quran and Sunnah are taught.  Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wa […]

Safeguarding and Health & Safety Policies

Health & Safety This policy represents the agreed principles of Health and Safety throughout the Madrasah. All Madrasah staff have agreed to this policy.  The Health, Safety and Welfare of all individuals who are in employment or learn at the ‘Madrasah’ are of fundamental importance. We aim to provide a safe, secure and pleasant learning/working […]

Rewards & Sanction Policy

Advice to Parents To ensure that we achieve excellent Tarbiyyah and high academic standards, parents/guardians play a vital role in the education of their children in the madrasah and at home. Early childhood education programs emphasize the role of parents. It declares that learning commences in the first days of life and continues till you […]

MDWI Exam Policy

1. All examinations set by the Madrasah are compulsory for all students. This process checks the student’s progress and determines his class for the following year.  2. A complete midyear and end-of-year examination schedule will be provided to all the students by the Teachers or Headteacher. 3. If the exam schedule has to be altered […]

Fees Policy

Books: On the commencement of each academic year, each child will be issued with course material for that particular academic year. All students must have all necessary stationary, exercise books and kitaabs required daily. It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian and pupil that all course material is taken care of throughout the year. If […]

Attendance / Absence & Lateness Policy

To instill the best education and provide the right nurturing of our children, we should ensure that they do not miss a single day of Madrasah. Muslims have to ensure the one chance and special opportunity that is given to them is taken with appreciation as it will lead to success, not only in this […]

About & Mission Statement

Vision Statement Mission Statement Our teachers fully recognise the central role that Islamic education plays in the development of our children. Our mission statement, therefore, is to: Why MDWI Our Madrasah provides Islamic education from the Hanafi Madhab for children between the ages of 5 – 12+ in subjects including Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Studies (Seerah, […]